17 (bday in august!), white, he/they

thanks for checking out my about! feel free to ask me to tag anything or message me at any time... additionally if I rb anything from someone shitty don't hesitate to let me know
my drawing tag is #drawin!

photo of me ^^

pretty standard byf criteria just like. dni if

  • racist/sexist/transphobic/homophobic

  • 'anti-anti', pedo shipper, incest shipper

  • you spread pedophilia/abuse/sexual assault apologia in general. like 'fiction doesn't affect reality' stuff with regards to to sympathetic depictions of any of that

  • antisemitic, islamophobic, general cruelty/condescension towards persecuted religious practices

  • use slurs you can't reclaim/use slurs to insult people

  • you're a transmed or """gender critical""". I hate you

  • you're just like. mean

photo of me ^^

if you want to tag me in/send me stuff!

  • SCP foundation

  • pathologic

  • the magnus archives

  • dracula (the original novel)

  • the adventure zone

  • lemon demon

  • nbc hannibal

  • re-animator (1985)

  • I am in eskew

  • the assassination of archduke franz ferdinand

  • cults. like just in general. that said please keep it tasteful

photo of me ^^